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ELV - A treasure trove of resources

The mixture of materials found in End-of-Life-Vehicle waste is complex and includes ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and non-metallic metals. To date, only a small amount of non-ferrous metals are recovered, although it contains highly valuable materials such as aluminum, copper and magnesium.

Our sensor-based sorting systems, positioned downstream of the ferrous and non-ferrous metal separators in shredder systems, recover secondary raw materials and separate impurities to meet today’s demands.

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ELV brought back to life


Using sensor-based sorting technology to derive maximum value from elv scrap

"In 2019 we bought our first COMBISENSE unit to sort copper. Only one year later, we added another machine to our plant to further improve throughput, output and overall end product quality. TOMRA's advanced sorting units combined with their expertise and service orientation really make a difference and we are glad about having such a reliable partner at our side"

Nippon Magnetic Dressing Co.,Ltd

Recovery Drivers



COMBISENSE features multi-parameter fraction separation with unsurpassed color detection.

X-TRACT on background


X-TRACT realizes highest quality of secondary materials across a variety of applications.



FINDER maximizes extraction of metals from both mixed waste and metal streams.

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