When we consider the numerous benefits that plastics provide us – from a convenience, flexibility, and safety standpoint – we can't deny its advantages. We also can’t deny the great urgency toward making this material more sustainable. In particular, what we do with this material once its initial use is fulfilled.

Mixed Waste Sorting is a solution to the plastic pollution problem that we can implement now, and it is the basis of our new white paper, The Ultimate Guide to Mixed Waste Sorting. By collecting and sorting mixed waste materials before they are burned or tossed into landfills, we can avoid up to 730 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2030.

Within The Ultimate Guide to Mixed Waste Sorting, we explore:

  • Current policies, legislation, and laws, and the urgent need for infrastructure to capture mixed waste materials for recycling
  • MWS as a solution to replacing virgin materials and enhancing the circularity of high-quality recycled content.
  • How MWS can cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Various GHG emissions comparisons (secondary vs. virgin materials, waste direct vs. before incineration and landfill).

If we are going to get serious about circularity, we need to take the right steps. You don’t want to miss this publication. Get your copy, free!


holistic resource systems

Evidence-based solutions to increase recycling rates and reduce greenhouse gas emissions 

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To face the challenges of mismanaged waste (and our commitment to increase the collection and recycling of all post-consumer waste), TOMRA, in partnership with Eunomia, has developed a holistic approach to waste management. This approach is based on a combination of established recycling practices, which include Deposit Return Systems (DRS), Separate Collections, and Mixed Waste Sorting (MWS).

Explore how each method works on its own, as well as in conjunction with each other when you download our new white paper, Holistic Resource Systems. Case studies included.


  • The magnitude of our waste management challenges in 2021.
  • The impact of mismanaged waste on the environment and basic human rights.
  • The systems that make up Holistic Resource Systems and how we can optimize them.
  • Complementary waste management systems.

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resource recovery playbook

learn more about the circular economy: The challenges, opportunities, and our projections for 2030.

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